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I enjoy Doctor Who and people with privilege not being fucking awful. My blog will be full of both these things, as well as pictures of cats. I also run a fat-positive health blog.

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I was looking for a breath of life

A little touch of heavenly light

but all the choirs in my head sang no

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Of course Garrison would teach Game of Thrones as a history lesson.

Top 5 Ten & Donna Friendship Moments (for fauxkaren)


5. The Midnight Hug

Midnight is such a flawless episode. But that’s not the point! The point is that even though Donna has barely any screentime in this episode, the hug at the end is one of my favourite things. We don’t know how much Donna’s been told; she’s probably been very worried. But she’s intuitive enough to know that what he needs right then is a big hug. In general I think the Doctor and Donna have a very intuitive relationship — Donna knows when to push and when to just offer quiet support and this is a good example of the latter.

4. Unicorn & the Wasp Detox Charades

DOES THIS COUNT AS A FRIENDSHIP MOMENT? IDEC IT IS THE BEST. David Tennant and Catherine Tate being funny is one of my favourite things and this scene is so great because it takes what could potentially be somewhat overblown drama (the Doctor is clearly not going to die halfway into a random episode) and makes it very funny, and anyone who’s ever played charades can relate. “HOW IS HARVEY WALLBANGER ONE WORD?” Best.

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I love her so much

Can I just point out Molly ended it with Moriarty? She ended a relationship with a bloody criminal mastermind. Sure, said criminal mastermind was being Jim from IT, BUT STILL! I respect your argument, but Molly is one of the most BAMF characters in Sherlock